Finding happiness after highschool

I remember that time of my life just after graduation. I went to university right out of highschool and struggled to find a balance between meeting my parents’ expectations and following my own passions. My personal battle was between engineering and fine arts, which eventually led me to my current role as a technical writer.

My career happiness

I’m a technical writer. Basically, I figure out what developers and engineers want to make for people and I provide the details, so that the rest of us can use products. I’ve made help content, manuals, textbooks, videos, and all kinds of publications to make your life easier.

It took me about a decade before I finally made it to this career path and there were times I struggled to find fulfillment at work. Now, I work at a company that has higher employee satisfaction than Disney. That’s right! My workplace is better than Disney! Not many can say that.

Kate’s Path

These days, I am lucky enough to watch and hopefully support my niece Kate on her road to happiness. Kate’s a strong, smart woman with great talent and strong work ethic. Below she shares confessions of her firsts this year that tug at my heartstrings.

You can probably imagine why I am excited for Kate as she starts on her own path. Perhaps I’m reliving my past and realizing it all works out for the best. Perhaps I am living vicariously through her. Perhaps I just want to help her achieve her dreams.

After graduating, Kate was smart and took a year off before beginning her studies in Fine Arts. Finally, this past fall, she made the leap. Already, I see brilliant photography and paintings filling her instagram accounts and I am so excited to see what her her future holds.

First times

My heart was overwhelmed when I watched Kate‘s video about First Times. She’s had a lot of firsts this year! When you get to the one-minute mark, you’ll hear why she melted my heart! Hearing what she has to say makes me believe she is on the right track in life and I am so proud of all she has done to get there. I know we all will be there to support her when the road gets rough (and not just so that she’ll support us in our old age). Her journey is an exciting one.

Here is the video from Kate and her friends’ collaboration Youtube channel called Just Us. Skip to 1-minute mark to melt your heart.


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