What’s your Favourite Crayola Crayon colour?

“THE QUESTION OF THE DAY.” It’s not really that original, but it’s fun. I decided to start one a couple of times each week and my first one is: What’s your favourite Crayola crayon colour?

People joked about eating them. They compared the colours to marmalade, poop, and Trump’s spray tan. They talked about the “flesh” crayon. Jeff said he wanted the invisible crayon that Wile E Coyote used. It’s good to remain imaginative at our ages.

Most people preferred primary and secondary colours with Red as the clear winner. Silver was also adored by many. I don’t recall using it much myself. Kevin said gold, “I used to think that it was real gold, but hey, I was in grade two.”

I liked Ultramarine Blue. It not only had a beautiful name, but was the most iridescent in my mind. Also, I assume it was almost always available to use while the other kids were fighting over red, silver, and gold.

So what is your favourite Crayola colour? Here is a compilation of the answers:

  • Jordan: Blue for colour red for taste.
  • Nick: poop color, since that was a thing.
  • Dan: Was anything orangish lol
    • Chris: This answer Trumps all others….. 😉
    • AJ: Does he really think that looks like a natural tan? 😉
    • Dan: just watching that…. the color orange should sue!!
    • Vicki: Yeah ’cause marmalade looks like a natural tan.
  • Wendy: white. I never much liked colouring, so white scribbles across the page got it done!
  • John: The lime green ones tasted good.
  • Scott: Purple. Is this an experiment?
  • Susan: Mellow yellow
  • Many people: Red
    • Dee: Brick Red
  • Terry: It was a yellow-orange colour that came in the big box (which I think, at the time, was 16)
  • Dan: I had a peach one that was so old that it was still called flesh colour.
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  • Many people: Silver
    • Vicki: Silver was my favorite. Burnt sienna was my least favorite. I never touched that one.
    • Jon: Silver, that came in the really big box. Never had the big box, but would always grab it from someone else’s.
  • Victoria: Yellow
  • Will: Maroon
  • James: Black
  • Morgan: I refuse to answer this because you said “as a kid”
    • …I think I would choose plum.
    • “vivid violet” or “orchid”
  • Don: Green, followed by blue !!
  • Vernon: forest green
  • Jacob: Royal blue
  • Jeff: Invisible. It worked for the coyote, but I just could make myself disappear.
    • Joe: keep trying Jeff, never give up on your dreams man.
  • Paula: Purple
  • Kevin: I always envied the kids with “Gold” in their crayon box.
    • Morgan: Oh man, there’s gold?!
    • Kevin: I used to think that it was real gold, but hey, I was in grade two.

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