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Best free photo editing app (Android/iPhone)

Are photos your favorite part of Facebook, Instagram, and online in general? Do you have a photo envy complex? Did you know that you too can make your photos rock without paying a cent on an app? I’ve used both Samsung Galaxy and iPhone and my favorite app is available for both!

Best free photo app: PicsArt

 is available through Google Play and iTunes App Store

People may tell you that Facetune it the way to go, but PicsArt can do pretty much everything that Facetune can do and so much more. I paid for Facetune, but I never use it.

Today, I’m going to talk about my favorite photo editing options for portraits, but there are many more creative things you can do within PicsArt.

For portraits, I typically start with Edit. Using that I can open any photos on my phone to perform all of my favorite edits to create the perfect photo.

Within Edit, I primarily use Tools and Effects.


15731389_10155288479760016_462038569_nThe tools contain many of the basic photo editing tools such as Crop, Clone, Curves, Adjust, Enhance, and Perspective. So once you have decided your photo is worthy of editing, get to work to make it the best it can be.

My personal favorite tool is the Stretch tool. Why the Stretch tool? This tool allows you select part of the photo you want to not edit and then you can squeeze, inflate, swirl, or warp other parts of the photo. This means you can make eyes bigger, make love handles smaller, or just warp something completely for effect. It’s really fun to use.

Tip: Tap on an active tool for more fine tuning options in addition to the options displayed above the photo.

Now you like your photo, but you aren’t finished yet! There is so much more you can do with PicsArt.


Best Face Forward

When sharing a photo of friends or even yourself, you don’t want to hear any of the following complaints: I look so old! Look how yellow my teeth are! I didn’t realize how big my pimple was! Can you at least fix the red eye?

15801210_10155288514590016_465309033_nStart with Corrections! Here are the basic corrections currently available in PicsArt. I should mention that another great thing about PicsArt is that they constantly improve and add more features. Here are my favorite corrections:

  • Denoise: Use Denoise as the first step for removing noise imperfections from the face.
  • Eye tools:
    • Prism: Make the eyes pop.
    • Eye Color: Change the eye color.
    • Red Eye: Change red to grey.
  • Blemish Fix: Like Bandaid, use this to remove pimples and any other larger imperfections, like food in your teeth.
  • Face Fix: A blur tool specifically for faces.
  • Suntan: Darken with a golden glow.
  • Teeth Whiten: In case someone forgot to brush.

I also like to Blur the background and sometimes perform additional corrections to faces. It allows people to focus on the subject of your photo. There are many other Effects that you can try.

There are so many more actions you can perform on your photos and graphics within PicsArt. It’s a great thing to do while you wait for your kids to finish their favorite activity.

I love it! You will too! Have fun!



This selfie is over-edited. Be subtle with yours. I went nuts on this photo so you can see a comparison of the original snapshot and a heavily edited photo. The version displayed here uses all of the available corrections, plus a blurred background. 6 year olds do not require heavy editing, and neither do you!

Ideally, you should use the editing options in a realistic manner. The version of this photo that I personally posted on social media had a blurred background, lighting adjustment and contrast added.


Look at the correction you have made and reduce the opacity of the correction to fall somewhere between 25 and 50%. Subtle is best.

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