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THE GIVE: What is your best memory at the Saint John Regional Hospital?

This question to honor the 5th Annual Love Your Hospital Radiothon, a 12-hour broadcast from the Saint John Regional Hospital by Country 94.1 and 97.3 the Wave. They hope to raise $200,000.00 for the Pediatric Department at the Regional. For those that are able to, please consider showing your love for your hospital today with our Radiothon – www.thegive.ca or call 648-7500 with your tax-deductible gift. Every dollar makes a difference!

It was nice to know that not everyone has needed to visit the hospital. Many people said the birth of their children. Sophia used to volunteer there, “I would carry the newborn babies downstairs to be taken home. Was always scared I was going to drop one.” Roger, like many others, had his life saved there more than a few times. So many people commented about the loving care provided by amazing staff.

What is your best memory at the Saint John Regional Hospital? Here is a compilation of the answers:

  • Many people: Children being born.
    • Heather: Meeting my child for the first time.
    • Erin: Both of my kids were born there and both had a week long stay in the NICU. The nurses in the NICU and Obstetrics were so great. Dr. Ojah was their doctor in the NICU and I can’t even express how wonderful he was.
    • Sherry: The amazing nurse in the delivery room – same gal for both kids – she really helped me get through everything! Meeting both of my babies… the yummy food (yes, I liked it!) and the wonderful nurses who cared for me and my treasures.
    • Trisha: Having my kids there, the neurosurgeons helping my nanny in her 90s after a stroke lead another few years with a good quality of life… Having two well-performed ACL repairs that allowed me to get back to a sport (soccer) that I loved for another 25 years… We are very lucky!
    • Sophia: I used to volunteer there… I would carry the newborn babies downstairs to be taken home. Was always scared I was going to drop one.
    • Ray: By far my best memory is with Dr. Finlay of the pediatric heart center. He, along with Dr. Paras, cared for my daughter from birth until her 3rd birthday, when Dr. Finlay gave her a clean bill of health and told us heart surgery would not be needed and to forget we ever had an issue as everything is 100%. I almost kissed him right there. I sure hugged him and donated every year on his behalf to ensure others have the same access to great care. This was a combined effort between SJRH and the IWK. Love them both.
  • Lisa: Being discharged.
  • Hélène: Having my daughter with me as part of “bring your child to work day”.
  • Cheryl: Walking out healthy after five days of an emergency nature, having received excellent nursing/medical care… I did get great care, which is what I was there for. They were great to me.
  • Amanda: My first day on 4cn.
  • Morgan: Having a doctor named Wencil (sp?). I thought it was hilarious because it sounded like pencil. As you have probably guessed, I haven’t been at that hospital since childhood.
  • Rick: The radiology department is great, as is the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services.
  • Roger: I have had my life saved there more than a few times.
  • AJ: There are so many, I can’t pick just one:
    • My dad asking doctors if I would be able to play the violin again, every time I broke a bone (starting with my foot). Hilarious!
    • Sneaking after school to visit my aunt who had a stroke. She wasn’t talking anymore. Mom went in to visit her in her last days and asked if she had any visitors lately, not expecting a response. She replied, “Angie.” It was one of the last words she spoke.
    • Mom and her best friend sneaking into the recovery room after I had a child. They weren’t allowed and were as excited as 5-year-olds on Christmas morning.
    • Sitting alone in a waiting room for hours after being called in to say goodbye to Mom. They had to be working on her, since they didn’t bring me in. She went home a few days later.
    • The intimate moments with staff that remain etched in my memory; Some I already knew, but all feel like family now.
    • The births. The recoveries. The goodbyes. The love. Yes, the love. Love is by far the best memory of all, because it is what remains.
  • Peggy: (1) Visiting my father while he was waiting for a room at the care home. He had hot dogs with the kids and I after our plane got in. (2) Visiting my mother there when she worked there. (3) Bumping into friends of mine who work there while visiting family (4) I had one of my first kisses on the cheek there.
    I used to love looking out our family home’s window and see it, UNBSJ and the RKYC while reading a book.
  • Krista: My positive memory is the care and attention that the staff in pallaitive (sp) care gave to my mother in the final 90+ days of her life spent there at the age of 59. We will never forget their kindness and attention and true compassion.
  • Jeff: We are so fortunate to have this amazing institution here. When I’ve been here with loved ones, I’ve been focused on my loved ones. Now that I have the privilege of working here, I get to see the awesomeness on a daily basis.

For those that are able to, please consider showing your love for your hospital today with our Radiothon – www.thegive.ca or call 648-7500 with your tax-deductible gift. Every dollar makes a difference!


Christmas Shopping Uptown at L’il Shop of Science

I love Christmas shopping. I really do! I know that running around looking for gifts can be a nightmare, so I choose the easiest way to shop. I shop in uptown Saint John, which makes life a lot easier for me as a parent. Because I work uptown, I can also shop during lunch or on the way home from work. What could be easier?

My favorite store in Uptown Saint John

I love to Christmas shop in uptown Saint John. And my favorite place to shop has to be L’il Shop of Science in Brunswick Square! Carla Salazar greets everyone with a smile and provides the latest interactive educational toys for kids of all ages. She makes sure the store is well stocked with the standard goodies: Rockets, Telescopes, Chemistry and Physics sets, Rock Tumblers, Anatomy sets, puzzles, and games. She also brings in heaps of specialty items: Turbospoke bicycle exhaust systems, SmartPhone Science, and  Puzzle Lights kits, to name a few.

I took my kids shopping at L’il Shop of Science during Uptown Sparkles and aside from Goo, they were most interested in the following : That’s Gross Science Lab, Spa Day, and Kendama.


Kendamas in every stocking this year!

Kendamas are all the rage right now and my girls begged me to buy them that very night. I insisted we wait to see what Santa would bring. A Kendama is a Japanese wooden cup-and-ball toy. The ball is attached by a cord to the handle, which has three cups (sides and bottom) to catch the ball and a spike on top to store the ball.

Personally, I was excited to see the pogo sticks. Yes, that’s a hint. There are only so many years I’ll be able to hop on one! Hopefully, Santa will remember me this Christmas!

My shopping excursion at L’il Shop of Science

I asked Carla Salazar if I could vlog while Christmas shopping at L’il Shop of Science to help other parents decide what to buy. She was nice enough to agree! So enjoy, like, comment, and share! Support businesses in uptown Saint John. Brunswick Square has so many wonderful businesses. Let me know what your favorite stores are and what you’ve bought for your kids this year.